Meet Scriptcase, the best PHP code generator in the world!

Connect your database and see how it’s transformed into a complete web systems in a matter of minutes!

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But what is Scriptcase?

Scriptcase is a database-driven PHP code generator with which you have the possibility to create applications, web systems with reports totally based on BI - Business Intelligence concepts.

With a completely intuitive, simple and secure interface, you can connect to one or even more databases (regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud) where, in a very short time, it will be generating applications with your data. The solution is compatible with the most important databases in the world: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, SQL Azure, Amazon Aurora, Firebird, Access, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, SyBase, Informix or ODBC layer.

What can you create with this PHP generator?

Since Scriptcase is a RAD and low-code tool, you can develop very intuitive and simple web applications, such as queries, summaries, grids, calendars, dashboards, menus, reports PDFs, graphs, pivot tables, security modules, etc.

In other words, the tool has the most important applications needed to create a professional and complete web system quickly.But it doesn't stop there, it is also possible to establish a process for your system's collaborative development thanks to the options offered by this PHP generator, and you can develop final applications in more than 50 languages!

Are you thinking this is all? Well, It’s not! This generator has several integrations with API's such as WhatsApp, SMS, Social Networks, Emails, several payment platforms, among others. And it can be accessed from any web browser and installed on any operating system!

Still not convinced? So see for yourself what the experts have to say about this PHP generator:

Scriptcase is one of the Top Tools For PHP Development in the world, used to generate web apps in PHP. Create Menus, Charts, Forms, and Reports automatically with a few clicks.

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"A web application is preferably suggested to be built using Scriptcase. A blueprint of the website can be transformed into real-time productivity in a short time. It consists of efficient development tool."

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"Scriptcase is mainly used for PHP applications. It is a web-oriented software, and you can install it on a server on the internet. By using Scriptcase, PHP developers can quickly build complete online applications."

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"Scriptcase, is a revolutionary PHP code generator, Scriptcase has helped countless developers around the world with their software development projects."

ScriptCase - Top 100 Publisher Award

"The tool enables developers to instantly develop web-enabled applications. The software allows you to go from prototype to production in a matter of seconds."

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"Scriptcase is a development platform developed by NetMake in 2000. The benefits offered are reports, charts, dashboards, forms, calendars, menus, security, databases, internationalization, programming, interface, and support. "

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